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Your child will learn to read with confidence using Read Me Stories. Its perfect for beginning readers. 5 million parents, just like you, have downloaded Read Me Stories to teach their child to read. Is your goal any of these? * Get a new book every day * Entertain your child * Read bedtime stories together * Your child learns to read these stories by him/herself Then Read Me Stories is for you If you want your child to learn to read by themselves and graduate an awesome and confident little reader, you can help them accomplish that * Learn ABCs, phonics and pronunciation * Gain a reading vocabulary of 1000+ words * Tap to sound out words and letters - learning phonics on the fly * Learn word and sentence formation * Read along as the words highlight * Enjoy reading from a library of hundreds of educational childrens stories * Start at your childs current reading level * Get more books (to learn new skills) at your childs pace Join our characters on an engaging adventure, get a new story every day, and make everyday reading a breeze. For over 12 years our qualified teachers have achieved 98% success in teaching kids to read one-on-one. This proven curriculum and pedagogy is at the heart of this app. Is your child in primary school and struggling with early reading? Read Me Stories is great at achieving amazing turnarounds with kids that fail reading test standards in school. Want to avoid that? Give your child a super head start with Read Me Stories - it works great for preschool, kindergarten or concurrent with early primary school. Worried about whether this is at the right level for your child? The app contains an easy step-by-step assessment to start your child at their reading level Were here to help you help your child achieve their best. So reach out to us for anything, from technical questions to advice from reading specialists. 5 million parents, just like you, have downloaded Read Me Stories to teach their child to read. Download now and start your child on their path to reading success Is your child bored with books, or even disliking them? Our interactive storybooks engage your child with Disney-caliber illustrations and voices like theyve grown to expect from modern animated movies, achieving higher engagement than traditional picture books. The library is filled with interactive tales of adventure, animals, trucks, planes, amazing places like the South Pole and outer space, classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood, etc. And check out the books with songs, like the Five Fabulous Frogs theme song. Read Me Stories a positive introduction to reading and will nurture your childs education development. Maybe youre just worried about technical stuff like Common Core Standards, reading level correlation, leveled readers, phonics, assessment, reading intervention, miscue analysis, reading recovery, supporting multiple children, etc.? Or maybe youre a professional tutor or teacher with even more questions? Weve got you covered. Just write to us and well answer all of your questions about curriculum, pedagogy, and how Read Me Stories dovetails with your learning paths.

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