KAWARA (vibration tile game)




---------- Only a few symptoms before going any further than the screen of Are you ready? some models, you can not play the game KAWARA. Please wait a little longer to deal with as soon as possible, allowing me to be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. In addition, everyone gave us by reporting review mail, thank you. We look forward to the future moonkey please fix so we will repeatedly improved and so many people enjoy using the app more exciting than-high-quality. *** models tested *** xperia arc xperia acro ---------- Are you breaking many pieces? Usually assigned to the first tile(KAWARA), etc. well in TV shows and funny videos. What is unlikely Ill actually divide the tile demonstration. Now, lets hearts content in the game to experience this great divide tile breaks time Diet and muscle training become unexpectedly ? How quickly How straight or pretend looks down Are you breaking many pieces? That has finally cracked .... * During the recruitment assignment is also tile the best score of posts in the comments review * has a sharing feature. facebook, twitter, google +, etc You will also notice results if everyone else is # kawara_wari Twitter. 1, Start by pressing the assigned tile game START button. 2, Since the screen of the Are you ready?, The swings smartphones. 3, trying to become perpendicular to the ground screen smartphone. 4, Tell a friend own the best record I press the icon button with a friend Kisoiao Facebook, such as Twitter * Please do not break the smartphone.Does not assume responsibility. ※ If you have any trouble, I hope you e-mail to our user reviews or accompanied by such symptoms, name terminal. MOONKEY Inc. info@moonkey.jp

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