Pressure Journal in Cloud - Old version v1




Pressure in Jounal in CloudPressure Journal in Cloud records and logs your blood pressure, views trends and makes it available online to be checked by your doctor during your examination meetings.The app does NOT measure the blood pressure.THIS VERSION IS NOT MANTAINED ANYMORE AND WILL BE DISMISSED SOON.PLEASE UPGRADE TO THE NEW VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: makes Pressure Journal in Cloud UNIQUE- Cloud system.- Advanced statistic analysis either in the App and online for your doctor.Pressure Journal in Cloud- Log day by day your blood pressure, compare it with the others in the past, take it under control day by day.- Blood pressure diary in your pocket: change device, restore your data and keep inserting your blood pressure.- Easy-to-use, minimal, clear, essential and modern interface.- Risk calculator based on the European Heart Association algorithm on the web front-end available for your doctor.- Numerous immediate charts with a clear view and trends of your blood pressure.- Doctor examination? Just give him or her your temporary codes to access your diary- Store your data in the cloud with the unique app in the Play Store that allows such a function. Loose your blood pressure data will be impossible- Track all medicines your cardiologist recommends- Easy to share function, to share the link to your diary: you can share it with you cardiologist wherever and whenever.- Advanced and deep statistic system will analyze your log, finding out all you cannot see- Instant notification to get feedbacks directly from your doctorIn each log- Insert your parameters with a superlative and super-faster slider interface- Insert your pulse- Define the arm you measured- Define a note- Localize where you had the logPressure Journal in Cloud: your health starts from youNeed any information, doubt, suggestion?Email me via the app or in the email address available in the Google Play pageWorried about your data?The only data gathered by the app is to barely identify you by clinical point of you by your doctor. We DO NOT share your data with ANYONE.Your privacy is our first mine concern.Explanation of Permission- Camera: it is needed to let you read QR Code into the Login procedure in the Web.- Coarse position: it is not mandatory but let you control - in the web interface - whether your measurements are related or not with any particular placeMore info

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