Spy for Whatsapp: No Blue Tick




Are you tired of getting annoying messages or just wanna ignore useless texts? Spy for Whatsapp does the job for ya! Be a Silent Guardian and a Watchful Protector with spy for Whatsapp which helps you to read Whatsapp messages without the Bluetick. You have now the freedom to read your friends’ messages incognito, without leaving any last seen notice or blue double check, and it works for WhatsApp ! Finally! No more read receipts, no check marks, no blue double tick or last seen! There, you can read it freely, whenever you want, without having any of your friends knowing that you have seen it. Only when you will decide to respond, the « seen » or checkmarks notice will be displayed and people will know that you read the message. No need to remove internet connection or activate offline mode: spy for Whatsapp provides a beautiful design and a simple lightweight interface where you can easily access messages and even sort them by messenger! Features : • Hide blue double tick for WhatsApp. • Read chat messages invisibly and incognito, without your friends knowing • Easy to use, lightweight **************************************** DISCLAIMER: spy for Whatsapp is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by WhatsApp All trademarks displayed on this applications are the property of their respective owners. ****************************************

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