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Karate Training is the app with lots of karate exercises with a complete training program that contains all the basic and advanced lessons to practice karate. Today the professional and amateur karate requires a very high level of training and technique. With this application you will learn how to improve your fitness and how to perform karate routines of elaborate moves and tricks. Each exercise can be modified for increased intensity to fit your goals. This application includes: - Workouts for begginers to start this martial art and to earn the basic Belts. - Intermediate exercises to improve your martial arts and your karate skills, power and body control. - Advanced exercises to become a karate master or black belt. - Main karate techniques to build you up more advanced moves. - A selection of videos with the best fights in main championships. This application is part of a group of sports training apps such as football, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball, paddle boarding,martial arts, kung fu, judo, home gym, cricket, cycling, golf, boxing and beach volleyball. Download now this karate free app on your mobile or tablet device.

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