Kids Learn and Play ABC (Free)




KIDS LEARN N PLAY ABC (Free) NEW: Now with additional Speech synthesis module ( TTS support) for English Phonetics in Listen and Play section TTS: Text To Speech Engine ★★★★★ Loved it My 3 year old cousin really liked all feature especially chasing balloons ★★★★★Arne Duncan - May 27, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy 3 with version 1.7 Love it I had this game for about 10 mins my two year old is loving it She loves balloon bursts and the Gallery section Totally follows techniques used in teaching A+++ I absolutely recommend this app. ★★★★Neeraj Swarnkar on May 5, 2013 at 7:56 PM Good Apps with so much Free Stuff I liked the app , specially it is free for such stuff. The UI is very simple for a child to understand & play. I would like to see more feature in it. This free version is fully featured and has all English alphabets from A to Z ★Its a Kids Game Friend. ★★Its a Kids English Teacher. ★★★Its a Mothers Helper to Keep Children Quiet. ★ Intended for: Kids ages 2-7 ★ Have Suggestions or Issues? Email and youll get a prompt response. This application contains four modules: 1 Listen 2 Gallery 3 Play 4 Find the alphabets All four modules are fully featured This app is supported by ADs. ★ What are various modules in this game? 1 Listen:-On clicking this part A to Z alphabets appear on the screen. On further clicking a specific alphabet sound is produced and an alphabet gets highlighted with random colors. It is really a good start as infants get more attracted towards cool colors in this module. 2 Gallery:-On clicking this part we get alphabets with their words and pictures. Each picture consist of captial Alphabet, small alphabet, picture , name of the picture and sound for that picture. There are arrow keys for moving down in order, i.e. left and right arrow. There is sound associated with each pictures. This is a source of fun for small children along with studies which help the children in quick grasping. 3 Play:-This is a simple game. Kids just have to click on the running balloon. On clicking the balloon, it bursts and an alphabetical sound is produced in a new balloon. So it helps the child in learning along with fun and play. 4. Find:-It is a kind of test. Child is asked to find an alphabet. Child has to listen the alphabet sound and choose the right option. If a child chooses the wrong option kid is given another chance If child is not able to hear the question, there is an option of repeat Press Next button to proceed with next question. All these features makes perfect combination for parents, teachers to make kids learn ABC in a very simple and play way manner ★ What will my children learn? ✔ Naming alphabet letter names ✔ Recognizing Letters ✔ Identifying Letters in Context ✔ Improve Concentration using Play game This application supports both phones and tablets. This application is ad supported, so would require internet permissions. Please provide your valuable comments. Hope you enjoy this application. THANK YOU Keywords: Kids, ABC, ABCs, Letters, Reading, Educational, Children, Games, Preschool, Preschool-aged,alphabet ,game, learning ,teaching apps for kids, baby ,toddler , flashcards, pronunciation, abcd, kid, Child, School, Kindergarten, Phonics, Reading, Test, Find, Gallery, Learn, Children, Games, Preschool, Preschool-aged, ABC game, parent, teacher, music, background music, melody

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