Kids Puzzles ABC Lite




Kids Puzzles ABC lite is a game for preschool kids and toddlers. Kids Puzzles ABC lite is a classic puzzle game with letters and animals, including sounds of each letter (only English). In Kids Puzzles ABC Lite each puzzle has 3 elements, the capital letter, the lowercase and an animal which name starts with the selected letter. Kids Puzzles ABC Lite has 3 difficulty levels, easy (3 pieces), medium (6 to 10 pieces) and hard (more than 10 pieces). If your kids wants a challenge Kids Puzzles ABC has a time limit mode with 3 options: 30 secs, 1 min and 2 min limit. For small kids and toddlers or low resolution devices Kids Puzzles ABC allows you to configure how many pieces on the table are shown, once a piece is placed another one appears. Kids Puzzles ABC Lite version only has 5 first letters to try it out. Kids Puzzles ABC Lite supports from low resolution devices to tablets.

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