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MICHELIN solutions understands that building a mobile application, doesnt insure your vehicle road worthiness. However in providing your enterprise, and the persons responsible for maintaining you vehicles the correct information in real-time we can get that much closer. To fulfill our end of the bargain we have developed an application, back office utility and online reporting and notifications.First use/Pre-Trip mobile application• Identify “in service” & “out of service” vehicle issues real-time• Enterprise, Industry, vehicle specific, & Legal specific vehicle inspection elements• Photo proof of vehicle faults• Vehicle specific paperless logs of vehicle inspection• Driver specific paperless logs of vehicle inspections• Integration with vehicle maintenance systems via API(application program interface)• Identification of unsolved vehicle faults, prior to arriving at the vehicle• Declaration of faults/emergencies during a driving cycle• Maintenance personal authority to approval/override “in service” and “out of service” faultsFirst use/Pre-Trip back office application• Management of company inspection elements• Management of drivers & maintenance personnel• Enterprise & legal specific data retention policies First use/Pre-Trip reporting suite• Vehicle inspection history• Driver inspection history• Request for service/fault reporting & repair order reporting• Inspections not meeting enterprise specific policiesFirst use/Pre-Trip notification suite• Vehicles leaving facility without an inspectionAs with all Michelin solution offers drivers are awarded points in the Michelin solutions fidelity program for participating in this solution.

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