Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

Willi Ye



REQUIRES ROOT (THIS APP WILL NOT ROOT YOUR PHONE) WARNING: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE I DIDNT MISSPELL ADIUTOR Read the FAQ in the application for further informations (You are not using any kernel mentioned above? Dont worry this app will work on any device) An application which manages kernel parameters. It depends on your kernel which features you can use. With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitor things like: CPU (Frequency, Governor) I/O Scheduler Kernel Samepage Merging Low Memory Killer (Minfree settings) Virtual Memory Flash/Backup Build prop Editor Recovery (Flash, Wipe) Init.d editor Saving Profiles and a lot more... (check it out, keep in mind that only supported things will appear on your phone) Features which arent supported by your device wont show up in the first place. This Application is open source Beta testing XDA Thread Help me translating this application You want to support me? Tired of waiting for an update? New features every day Join beta testing now. Want more news about this app? Follow me on Twitter

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