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「Keep」— 你的自由运动场,打开 App,即可体验健身、跑步、骑行、计步功能,随时随地练就完美身材。 运动中经常遇到的问题: - 工作太忙没有时间去健身房,家里又没有器械 - 健身房没有私教指导,不知道如何安全正确地开始健身 - 网上攻略太多,不知道哪个靠谱,练了之后没有效果 - 天气不好或者没有人陪伴,就选择偷懒,甚至放弃 - 健身、跑步、骑行、计步数据分散在各个平台,记录比较分散,对每天的运动数据没有整体的统筹 「Keep」解决的方式: - 根据用户场景、健身目的、有无器械编排各种训练计划,4分钟也可以完成一次健身训练 - 所有动作均配有视频,标准的动作演示和精确的语言描述带你快速入门 - 权威健身专家把控内容,为每个人制定科学的健身计划 - 热门城市有趣的跑步路线图,让跑步更有乐趣 - 每天上下班如果可以,选择跑步、骑行、步行的出行方式,用 Keep 实时记录运动量,轻松完成当天的运动目标 - 只需 Keep 一个平台即可将健身、跑步、骑行、计步数据通通记录,全面了解你的运动数据 「Keep」核心特点: - 量体裁衣,多种健身训练供你选择 训练计划针对不同人群、各种器械和阶段健身目标组合编排,适用最广泛的健身场景 - 陪伴式跑步,让跑步不再孤单 跑步全程语音,指导你的呼吸和配速,高效跑步,更陪伴你 - 全面记录用户运动数据,形成数据中心 健身、跑步、骑行、计步、以及跑步机数据全部可记录,形成数据中心,全面了解你的运动情况 - 分享运动成果,一起进步 拍照记录每一天的变化,分享好友相互勉励,在「Keep」运动社区,运动不再是孤独的坚持 热门课程: - 邹市明拳击燃脂课程 - 五维腹肌训练计划 - 腹肌撕裂者 - 人鱼线雕刻 - 翘臀养成 - O型腿自我改善 - 上肢力量突破 - 驾驶员肩颈放松 - 健身房入门 - 健美身材增肌计划 - 4分钟tabata燃脂 -马甲线养成 -生理期舒缓训练 不要让工作毁掉你的生活,总有比你更忙的人在运动。 马上开启你的 Keep 之旅,完成你的第一次训练,迈出有氧第一步,上下班使用 Keep 骑行记录,让运动成为你必不可少的生活方式之一。 Keep —自律给我自由! 如需要帮助或获取更多信息,请关注和联系: 微博 @Keep 微信公众号「gotokeep」 邮箱

Keep - your freedom playground, open App, you can experience fitness, running, cycling, pedometer function, acquired perfect body anytime, anywhere. Movement problems often encountered: - Too busy no time to go to the gym, at home and no equipment - no gym personal training guide, do not know how to start safely and correctly fitness - Raiders too much, do not know what tricky, no effect after practicing - bad weather or no one to accompany, chose to be lazy, or even give up - fitness, running, cycling, step count data scattered in various platforms, recording relatively fragmented, with no overall co-ordination of movement data of every day Keep way to solve: - based on user scenarios, fitness purposes, with or without equipment and editing all kinds of training programs, four minutes can complete a fitness training - All actions are equipped with video, standard action and precise language to describe the presentation with your Quick Start - Fitness expert authority to control the content, the development of science and fitness program for everyone - Top Cities fun running road map, so running more fun - to work every day if you can, choose running, biking, walking way to travel, real-time recording with Keep exercise, easy to complete day moving target - Just Keep a platform to the gym, running, cycling, step count records all data, a comprehensive understanding of your exercise data Keep core features: - tailored to a variety of fitness training for your choice Training programs for different groups of people, all kinds of instruments and stage choreography fitness goals combined for the most extensive fitness scene - accompany style running, let alone no longer running Running full voice, and guide your breathing pace, running efficient, more accompany you - Full motion recording user data, form data center Fitness, running, cycling, pedometer, and a treadmill can record all the data, forming a data center, a comprehensive understanding of your movement - Sharing Movement achievements and progress together Change camera recorded every day, sharing friends encourage each other, in the Keep sports community, sports is no longer a lonely stick Popular courses: - Zou Shiming Boxing fat burning course - five-dimensional abdominal training program - abdominal Ripper - Mermaid line engraving - Bottom develop - O-leg self-improvement - upper body strength to break - the drivers neck relax - gym entry - fit body muscle growth plan - 4 minutes tabata fat burning - develop a line vest - Training relieve menstrual period Do not let work ruin your life, there is always busier than you people in motion. Keep immediately open your journey, complete your first training, has taken the first step aerobics, cycling commuting use Keep records, make exercise a way of life for your essential. Keep - discipline me free If you need help or for more information, please visit and contact: Microblogging @Keep Micro-channel public number gotokeep E-mail

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