Kids Garden Makeover




Want to get your kids outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer? GameiMax has arrived with a wonderful Garden Makeover game for kids. Let your kids try the FREE version of the funny and interactive game The Garden Makeover. In Garden Makeover Game grow many types of flowers, veggies and fruits. Kids can grow and crop different fruits, vegetables and flowers after take care of it like plant seeds, give water to growing plants, cut weeds and so on. Kids will learn how to growing vegetables, fruits and flower in their own garden. KEY FEATURES: == 7 different phases including like digging, plowing, seeding, watering, harvesting and more == Different types of fruits, vegetables and flowers available. == Various gardening tools available == Very smooth to play without any interruption == Fantastic sounds, graphics and animations included == Many other features included to make this game interesting == Absolutely FREE to download no In App purchase Its really very addictive and informative game for kids every parent should download this to make their child familiar with gardening.

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