Kart Race

Norberto Blab



Kart Race is a go-kart race game If you like kart or racing games you can not miss this game A real challenge, thanks to the multiplayer mode, where you can challenge racers from around the world. The driving technique, you can learn the cons of virtual opponents led by a powerful (CPU AI) If you are already good go directly into multiplayer battle and fight against anyone Choose your pilot among: Mario, Rocky and Peter. A television graphics for the info during the race. Thanks to the flags you will know which country is your opponent. 8 Different karts from 8 countries - USA - UK - SPAIN - GERMANY - AUSTRALIA - JAMAICA - BRAZIL - CANADA Features: - 8 Different karts - 3 Pilot - Multiplayer 2 to 6 players - Training track - Great virtual intelligence (CPU AI) opponents - Players country localisation - Graphics and scenarios console quality Much more…. Try it out is free Note: Not recommended low resolutions less than 800x480

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