Kids Quiz Game Spanish




Kids Quiz Game is a simple application for the smaller learning new words. A game designed to enhance learning of the smallest The language is only in Spanish . It is composed of three sets - Talk to ... There are 6 blocks in which will help you to pronounce the words . The language setting is based on the language of your phone. - Questions 6 blocks of questions, you have to hit the image of three possible answers. - Match A game that you should look at the issue and move objects corresponding to your cart . If you find any errors or have suggestions before scoring poorly agracemos you send us an email to fix it. Keywords: children , little baby , playgrounds, abc , alphabet , fun , alphabet animals, learn, study , talk , have fun , education , ABC , read, listen , apps for kids, school , learning to speak and pronounce , languages ​​, games, learning , basket, learn spanish,.

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